~ 2011 IvanLee Handling ~

CH CharBar's Masquerade, NAJ (sire of 4 CH's) at the 2008 National
Proverbs 3: 5 & 6
"...in all your ways acknowledge Him ..."
MBISS BPIS CH Coastal Wintercreek Storm Warning, '06 ASSA RWD - going Group One!   
CH Coastal WinterCreek Mas Tequila
"Buzz"  BOB at Eugene 2008
Treasure Valley Cluster, Boise, Idaho: 4 days, 10/08/08 - 10/12/08
IvanLee Festival Of Lights,5 pts., takes a large Bred-By class under Breeder Judge Linda C More, day one
Arenray's Rialto, Takes large Open Sable class 2 days, one Major Reserve
Whisperwind Mr BoJangles Top Gun takes the American Bred class two days
AM/UKC CH Royal Hills Shades Of Silver CD, OA, AXJ, VC, PT,  WD/BOW for his first Major on Sunday
Willamette Valley KC, Salem, Oregon,  Nov. 08 & 09, 2008
Whisperwind Mr BoJangles Top Gun - RWD both days
Wintercreek Bojangles Calla Lilly, WB/BW/BOS (11.09.08) for her first point!
CH Coastal Wintercreek Mas Tequila BOB (11.09.08)  in competiton.
Wintercreek Bojangles Calla Lilly, Ptd.
RIP, sweet Lilly ...
Pam and Flash accomplished many BOB, BOS, Multiple Group placements
and Group cuts with a Herding Group 1.
Rose City Classic, Portland Oregon   01-18-09
NEW AKC CHAMPION ! AM/UKC CH Royal Hills Shades Of Silver CD, OA, AXJ, VC, PT
Shade is Winners Dog for a 4 point major, under Judge Carl Liepmann to finish.
Shade is the 10th Champion
for his sire,
Ch Aynsworth I Have A Dream, giving him his ROM!

We handle a small number of Sheltie Clients for other Sheltie Enthusiasts, and occaisionally a Collie. Call for availability.
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Linn County KC, Albany, OR.  Feb. 14th, 2009
*Whisperwind Mr BoJangles Top Gun - WD for 2 pts -  "Gunner"
*Bearcreek IvanLee Cornerstone RWD (handled by our pal Cori Olsen) -  "Keenan"
*CH Coastal Wintercreek Island Tan, BOB over Specials -  "Tanner"

Judge Janice McClary, Keenan, Pam, Cori & Wendy
Photo by Melvin
Judge Jean Zuver, owner Deanne, Pam & Gunner
Judge Jean Zuver, CH Tanner & Pam
CH Tanner is owned and loved
by " Spike" Surenda Subramani
Linn County KC, Albany, OR.  Feb. 15th, 2009
Bearcreek IvanLee Cornerstone WD/BOS  -  "Keenan"
(Handlers: Pam Korcek to WD & Cori Olsen to BOS over Specials) for 2 pts.

Timberland KC, Centralia, WA.  April 05, 2009
Arenray's Arquette, "Stephanie"- Winner's Bitch/BOS for her
first point under Breeder Judge E. katie Gammill
These are some of the dogs that we've had the honor of handling.
Thank you to all of our clients and friends for this privilege and for your confidence in us.
Royal Hills Cover Girl, Mjr Pts
WB/BW/BOB & Group 1 for a 5 point major! 06/27/09
Sagemist Admiral Nikolas
WD/BW/BOB - GROUP 4    07-04-09
Boise, Idaho -   Oct 9, 2009
Riley- Major Winners Dog/Best of Winners to finish!

New AKC Champion Arenray's Rialto "Riley" 
AKC Champion BearCreek IvanLee Cornerstone "Keenan" 
Finishing in style under
respected judge Pat Hastings,
WD/BOS, a 3 pt major
Finishing 2009 with a win-
New CH Whisperwind Mr Bojangles Top Gun  "Gunner"
WD/BW for a 3 pt major to finish! Clackamas County KC, Ridgefield, WA, 12-05-09
AKC Champion #4 for our team
in 11 months.
Thank you to Michael, Wendy, Sandy,
Cori & Carolee.
Puyallup shows 01.16.2010 -
WinterCreek Bojangles Sweet Liberty
takes a 4 pt. Major Reserve at the
tender age of 10 months.

Linn County KC, Albany, Oregon
Seth- WD/BW/BOB/BestBBE for 2 pts!
Cullen- WD for his first Points, a Major!
Libby-  WB/BW for her first points, a Major! Libby photo still pending ...
CH Riley, BOB & Group 4 !
IvanLee Ravenwyn Phantom Masq
On Saturday..
and on Sunday...
Kyrie Twilight
Moses Lake, WA, shows-
IvanLee Frankly My Dear takes the Open Sable class and goes Reserve Winners Dog.  04.18.10
Wintercreek Bojangles Sweet Liberty takes Open Sable and goes Reserve Winners Bitch.  04.18.10

We handled our first Rough Collie clients- Zed (Open Blue) goes 1st all three days in comp.
Talga (12-18 class) 1st place two out of three days in comp.
Keeper(Open Tri Bitch) was ours to handle only for the Specialty, and she took her class in competiton.
Thank you, Sally, for trusting us with Zed and Talga- and Mary, for Keeper.

IvanLee Victorious, Mjr Pts
Tori, WB/BW at 12 months winning her first points, a major.  IvanLee Ravenwyn Phantom Masq won Major Reserve Winners Dog, also. 
5.02.10 Libby is Reserve Winners Bitch to 2 pts, Walla Walla KC
Evergreen State SSC
Wintercreek Bojangles Sweet Liberty-
Runner-Up In Sweeps
CH BearCreek IvanLee Cornerstone - Select Dog
Puyallup & Tacoma shows
6.12.10 & 6.13.10
IvanLee Ravenwyn Phantom Masq-
Winners Dog & BOS both days!
Canby, Oregon - Clackamas KC
IvanLee Ravenwyn Phantom Masq - WD IvanLee Festival Of Lights returned to the ring after 15 months out for maternity leave. She won a large BBE class and went RWB. Judge Betty Jo Patrick.
Redmond, Oregon - Mt Bachelor KC
IvanLee Ravenwyn Phantom Masq - WD/BOS IvanLee Festival Of Lights - WB/BW
IvanLee Frankly My Dear - WD/BW
IvanLee Visions Of Sugarplaums- RWB
CH BearCreek IvanLee Cornerstone- BOB
Bandon, Oregon - Coos Bay KC
CH Arenray's Rialto --  BOB and Group 4!
Enumclaw, WA,  - Olympic KC
IvanLee Visions Of Sugarplums-
BEST IN MATCH! (handled by Lori)
IvanLee Frankly My Dear WD/BOS for 2 pts
IvanLee Visions Of Sugarplums RWB (from 6-9)
IvanLee Frankly My Dear WD/BW for his 5th Point
CH Arenray's Rialto --  BOB
Gig Harbor KC, 9/25 & 26, 2010 - Shelton, WA
Sat- IvanLee Frankly My Dear- WD for 2 pts
CH BearCreek IvanLee Cornerstone BOS
Sun- IvanLee Frankly My Dear WD
IvanLee Festival Of Light WB/BOB for 2 pts
IvanLee Visions Of Sugarplums-RWB
CH BearCreek IvanLee Cornerstone BOS

Vancouver KC, WA, Oct 30, 2010
Sat- IvanLee Ravenwyn Phantom Masq, WD/BW/BBY  for 2 pts
IvanLee Visions Of Sugarplums, RWB

Roseburg, Oregon- Wild River Cluster
November, 2010
Day 2- Seth takes a major!
Day 3- Dream is BBE
Day 4-  Mark takes a Major and
CH Arenray's Rialto- BOB  out of 5 specials :)

Ridgefield, WA- Greater Clark County KC
Wintercreek Bojangles Sweet Liberty WB/OS for 2 pts.
CH Arenray's Rialto -Select Dog

*2010 has been a great year for us.  We feel so blessed and thankful for the clients and dogs we have worked with! :)*

~ 2010 IvanLee Handling ~

Puyallup, WA,  - Western WA. Cluster - January 2011-
Sat- IvanLee Frankly My Dear - RWD & CH Arenray's Rialto - Select Dog

Sun- IvanLee Ravenwyn Phantom Masq - WD/BW/BBBE/BBE Grp2
IvanLee Frankly My Dear - RWD

Mon- CH Arenray's Rialto - Select Dog to FINISH his GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP

Albany, OR  - Linn County KC & McKenzie DF - February, 2011-
Fri- IvanLee Lion Of Judah, his first show, 6 months old- 4 point Major Reserve

Sun- IvanLee Ravenwyn Phantom Masq- Major Reserve

Mon- CH BearCreek IvanLee Cornerstone - Select Dog Major

Vallejo, CA - Oakland KC, 03.27.11
Sun- IvanLee Lion Of Judah, WD for a 2 Point win!
Olympic Dog Fanciers - Elma, WA-  05.7 & 8.11
Sat-Hallmark's Handy Man WD
Sat- BearCreek IvanLee Cornerstone, BOB & Group 3!  & Sun- BOB
Sat & Sun- Wintercreek Bojangles Sweet Liberty- WB both days

Boise ID shows, October, day 3:
Yankees Quicksilver- WD for a major
WIntercreek Bojangles Sweet Liberty, major to FINISH!

Roseburg, shows, Nov. 2011 -
Day 1- Yankee's Quicksilver, WD
Day 3- IvanLee Lion Of Judah, WD
Day 4- RWD IvanLee Light In The Storm
Coeur D'Alene Idaho, 5.30 & 5.31, 2011
5/31- IvanLee Ravenwyn Phantom Masq - WD/BW
to Finish!
WB, IvanLee Festival Of Lights
RWD to a Major, IvanLee LIon OF Judah

5/30- IvanLee Festival Of Lights WB/BW for a Major
RWD to a Major- Hallmark's Handy Man

Clackamas KC in Canby, OR  6.25 & 6.26
Sat- WD/BW Hallmark's Handay Man, 2 pts
Sun- CH Keenan goes SelectDog to finish his
Grand Championship!